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Tax Assessor

Drew Manlove

Drew Manlove, MAA
Tax Assessor

FUNCTION: The primary role of the Assessor is to ensure fair and equitable taxation in the Town of Smithfield. Additionally, the Assessors Office serves to administer exemptions, abatements, and prepare tax rolls as dictated by state and local statute. We aim to be a resource for the taxpayers of Smithfield, providing clarity and transparency to the process of local taxation.

2017 Business Forms from Smithfield Tax Assessor

  • Tax Bills:  Tax bills will be mailed out on July 29th with quarterly payments due September 1 – 30, December 1 – 31, and March 1 – 31. The last payment is due on June 1 – 30 of the following year.
  • Reminder:  Tax summaries and history are available for viewing & printing on the Smithfield RI Tax Database.
  • Motor Vehicle Taxes:  Motor vehicles are valued using the state’s “Vehicle Value Commission” publication. Values are based on last years’ number of days registered during that year. Visit the Rhode Island Registry of Motor Vehicles website to change your address, renew registrations, and change tax towns:
  • Forms:  All Tax Assessor Forms can be found on the Town Forms page.
  • Real Estate Tax Assessment:  Tax Assessment information can be found on our vendor’s website:  Tax Assessment Information

The Annual Business Registration Forms for businesses in the Town of Smithfield are mailed in October.  Please completely fill out this form and return it to the Tax Assessor’s office, with the $5.00 fee, by December 15th in order to process by December 31st.  The form will be reviewed and, if in compliance, a Registration Certificate will be mailed to you.  Please read the Ordinance that applies to this renewal and the penalties which apply located below.

This annual registration is not required for any business required to obtain a town license pursuant to RI General Law.  Please notify this office if this applies to you so that we may remove you from the annual notification.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Tax Assessor’s office at 233-1014 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Businesses are required to file two annual forms:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2016 tax rates?

Residential Real Estate $16.73
Commercial Real Estate $17.53
Motor Vehicle $39.00
Inventory $0
Tangible $60.74

How is my property tax assessment calculated?
The values are based on 2015 Revaluation Schedules. The market value of the land is added to the replacement cost new less depreciation of the improvements.

This value is compared to the selling price of similar houses in similar neighborhoods. The more heated living space the higher the assessment.

How is my motor vehicle tax calculated?
The values placed on motor vehicles are based on the number of days registered during the previous year ending 12/31.  The State publishes a schedule of values each year and that value times the mill rate per thousand equals the new value.

Are forms from the Tax Assessor’s office available on-line?
Yes.  Several forms are available on the Town Forms page of this web site.

How can I report changes to my property?
Changes or any improvements to your property should be done with the issuance of a building permit. Visit the Building Officials Office on the lower level of Town Hall.

How do I qualify for an exemption?
The Tax Assessor’s office has exemption applications available for veterans, senior citizens and disabled persons. Please call before December 31 for senior citizens and March 15 for veterans and disabled persons for qualification information.  Exemptions affect only the current years taxes.  Call 233-1014 to get the specific qualifications.

When will I receive my tax bill?
Tax bills are generally mailed out at the end of July of each year.

How can I appeal my valuation?
The first step is to obtain an appeal form online or at the tax assessor’s office.  Follow the instructions for filing an appeal and return to the office.  According to R.I. General Law, the appeal deadline is 45 days for Motor Vehicles and 90 days for Real Estate and Personal Property.

Motor vehicle appeals must be filed 45 days from the mailing of your tax bill, and real estate and tangible have ninety (90) days from the first due date.

Do I have to register my business with the Tax Assessor?
Yes.  According to Town Ordinance 236-13, all commercial and/or manufacturing businesses located in Smithfield, prior to the initial commencement of business within the Town, shall file a business registration.  The form for this registration is available online or may be obtained in the Tax Assessor’s office.   The form, along with a $5.00 fee, can be returned to the Assessor’s office at 64 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI. 02917. Annual Business Registration is also required annually.


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