Thursday, May 25, 2017        

Sewer Authority

The Smithfield Town Council is seeking local applicants for the Sewer Authority.  The Board will have the following powers and duties: 

  1. To insure proper removal and disposal of sewage wastes and wastewaters within the contributing areas of the Town of Smithfield.
  2. To insure the proper operation and maintenance of interceptors, the sewage treatment plant and other sewerage works within said Town.
  3. To provide for keeping adequate records of sewers, appurtenances and connections thereto, the following rules and regulations (comprising Articles I through XIII) which may be amended from time to time, governing the construction, use, repair, alteration, and discontinuance or abandonment of sewers and the substances to be discharged directly or indirectly into and through sewers and appurtenances of the public sewerage system of the Town of Smithfield, are adopted by the Town of Smithfield Sewer Authority as provided by Chapter 96 of the Public Laws of the State of RI, January Session, 1973 (as amended) creating and authorizing said Authority to prescribe rules and regulations relative to the regulation of, construction of, use of, discharge of substances into connections to the sewage works.

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