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Town Government & Officials

     Since 1994, the Town of Smithfield has been administered under the Council/Manager form of government.  Partisan elections are held every two years to elect five Town Council members who select a Council President.  The Town Manager is appointed by the Smithfield Town Council to serve as the administrative head of the Town Government.  The Manager appoints all Department Directors, except the Town Clerk (Clerk of the Council) and the Town Solicitor.

     The general administration of the Town’s School system is the responsibility of the School Committee within the provisions of powers and duties delegated in the Rhode Island General Laws.  The five member School Committee is elected at-large at regular Town Elections and serves four-year terms.  They also appoint the School Superintendent, who currently is Robert M. O’Brien.

     The Town provides most traditional municipal services including police, fire, emergency rescue, planning, zoning, street maintenance, solid waste collection, recycling and recreation.  The Town also operates a water system serving about a third of the town in addition to two private water systems.  In addition, the Town maintains all sewer lines and pumping stations within the Town in accordance with the State of Rhode Island base plan, through its’ Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Smithfield is evolving into a major recreation provider with its 65-acre active park (Deerfield Park) which houses our very active Senior Center and  Veterans Memorial Park.  Additional recreation is available through the town-operated Smithfield Ice Rink and numerous other recreational parks and ponds.  It also operates two widely-used libraries and a Town Hall.

     The Smithfield Town Budget is $60,619,089 for FY 2011 and $61,942,487 for FY 2012.  The Town Budget is approved by a Financial Town Meeting each June.  The Town employs approximately 490 full-time equivalent employees, including school department personnel. 

Boards & Commissions page

Smithfield Town Council Members 

Alberto J. LaGreca, Jr.
Town Council President
104 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917


Ronald F. Manni
Town Council Vice-President
1 Sammy Lane
Smithfield, RI 02917


Maxine Cavanagh

Town Council Member
251 Log Road
Smithfield, RI 02917

Bernard A. Hawkins

Town Council Member
22 Colwell Road
Smithfield, RI 02828

Suzanna L. Alba

Town Council Member
11 Halsey Drive
Smithfield, RI 02917

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Smithfield Town Manager

  Dennis Finlay, Smithfield Town Manager  
  Dennis Finlay, MBA, CGFM
Town Manager
64 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI  02917

State Senator & Representatives


Stephen R. Archambault

SEN. 22
195 Whipple Road
Smithfield, RI 02917
H: 231-1823

Gregory Costantino

REP. 44
21 Greenwood Lane
Lincoln, RI 02865
H: 305-5825

Thomas J. Winfield

REP. 53
2 Church Street
Smithfield, RI  02828
H: 949-3356  W: 222-2466
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