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Geographic Information System (GIS)

Web-Based GIS Application 

Abutters Lists • Plat Maps

Smithfield GIS Application


GIS Mapping Application
(now part of our property valuation database)

In an effort to curtail spending, the geographical maps are now integrated with our Property valuation database.  Access is either through the Geographic Information (GIS) or the Property valuation database which is located under the Online Services tab. This service is being provided free of charge if used in conjunction with the CAMA database.  If needed, feel free to check out the help button (?) in the upper-right corner of the screen for instructions. 

Abutters Lists

Abutters lists can now be produced online. Applicants should consult with the appropriate department regarding notice area requirements prior to compiling a list.   Zoning applications require 3 sets of labels which can be produced online for your convenience at no charge.  Abutters lists are for reference only. Official abutters lists must be certified by the Tax Assessor.

Plat Maps

Plat Maps are available to view or download in .pdf format and can be printed on standard 8½x11″ paper.  (Choose the “shrink to printable area” option or similar feature on your .pdf viewer)  Some maps updated online 1-15-2014.

Plat 1A
Plat 1B
Plat 2
Plat 3
Plat 4
Plat 5
Plat 6
Plat 7
Plat 8
Plat 9
Plat 10
Plat 11
Plat 12
Plat 13
Plat 14
Plat 15
Plat 16
Plat 17
Plat 18
Plat 19
Plat 20
Plat 21
Plat 22
Plat 23
Plat 24
Plat 25

Plat 26
Plat 27 
Plat 28 
Plat 29 
Plat 30 
Plat 31 
Plat 32 
Plat 33 
Plat 34 
Plat 35 
Plat 36 
Plat 37 
Plat 38 
Plat 39 
Plat 40 
Plat 41 
Plat 42
Plat 42A
Plat 43 
Plat 44 
Plat 44A 
Plat 44B 
Plat 44C 
Plat 44D 
Plat 44E 
Plat 44F

Plat 44G 
Plat 44H 
Plat 44I 
Plat 45 
Plat 45A 
Plat 45B 
Plat 45C 
Plat 45D 
Plat 46 
Plat 46A 
Plat 46B 
Plat 47 
Plat 48 
Plat 49 
Plat 49A 
Plat 49B 
Plat 49C 
Plat 49D 
Plat 49E 
Plat 50 
Plat 51 
Plat 51A 
Plat 52 
Plat 52A 
Plat 53 
Plat 54

If you do not know your plat number, you can locate it using the following steps:

  1. Use the web-based application to locate your property. Link

  2. Use the “Search Properties” box to find your property

  3. On the resulting screen, locate the address you are looking for

  4. The plat number will look something like this:   67C – 26

  5. In this case, 67C is the plat number (the first characters before the dash)

  6. Use the  list above to locate your plat.

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