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Smithfield Veterans Memorial Service – Monday, May 25th

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2929, its Ladies Auxiliary, and American Legion Balfour-Cole Post 64 will hold a joint memorial service at the Veterans’ Memorial, Deerfield Park, Smithfield, on Memorial Day. Photo courtesy of American Legion Balfour-Cole Post 64.
Memorial DayThe Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2929, its Ladies Auxiliary, and American Legion Balfour-Cole Post 64 will hold a joint memorial service at the Veterans’ Memorial, Deerfield Park, Smithfield, on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th beginning at 10:30 AM.

A parade of colors will kick off the ceremony at 10:30 AM with honor guards from the Smithfield Police Department and the Smithfield Fire Department.



finialThere are several veterans and war memorials located in Smithfield.
Visit our Veterans & War Memorials page for more information.

Smithfield High School Parent Council Appeal for All Night Post Graduation Party

The Smithfield High School Parent Council is in the process of conducting its annual appeal to enlist community support for the students of Smithfield High School. Contributions to the SHS Parent Council will enable us to continue to offer the All Night Post Graduation Party, which will be held on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 for our graduating Seniors. The purpose of this substance-free event is to ensure a fatality-free evening, by providing an alternative to party hopping, where the use of drugs and alcohol has led to tragedy.

The Class of 2015 needs your support. The Post Grad Celebration, a 25 year tradition, is on the line.  Presently, we have not raised 50% of our goal and need your help to keep this tradition alive. Please send in your tax deductible donations today to the SHS Parent Council. The Parent Council has set up a GoFundMe account here:

Casino Night Fundraiser – Friday, June 26th

foxwood-bus-tripEast Smithfield Neighborhood Center Presents an evening out to Foxwoods Casino

Casino Night Fundraiser for the East Smithfield Neighborhood Center

All money raised will be used towards refinishing the floors in the neighborhood center!

Friday, June 26, 2015
6:00pm – 1:00 am
$35.00 Per Person

Full flyer (.pdf)



Pipeline Testing Week of May 18

Notice from Buckeye Partners, L.P.:

May 2015

Dear Neighbor:

Buckeye Partners, L.P. is pleased to inform you that we recently became the owner and operator of an existing petroleum products pipeline in your community. The pipeline, which connects facilities in Springfield, Massachusetts, and East Providence, Rhode Island, was previously owned and operated by ExxonMobil Pipeline Company. As one of the nation’s largest independent operators of petroleum pipelines, Buckeye is engaged in constant activity to maintain our facilities and keep our neighbors safe. We have a strong safety record and a commitment to raising the public’s awareness of pipelines.

Buckeye will be conducting a maintenance procedure during the week of May 18th, 2015 that will purge the pipeline of the petroleum product that it contains. During this procedure, property owners near the pipeline may notice workers and equipment on the pipeline right of way at any time of the day or night. The procedure involves injecting nitrogen into the pipeline, which is safe and nonflammable. Property owners in certain locations may hear loud noises coming from the vicinity of the pipeline and related facilities; these noises are normal
and no cause for concern.

Should you observe what may_@pear to be a pipeline leak or rupture, please contact Buckeye’s pipeline control center, which is staffed 24/7, at (800) 331-4115. If you have any questions regarding the pipeline, this maintenance procedure, or Buckeye in general, you may contact me at (610) 904-4139 or Additionally, you may visit our website at

James R. Generoso, SR/WA
Senior Right of Way Specialist
Five TEK Park
9999 Hamilton Boulevard
Breinigsville, Pennsylvania 18031
Tel (610) 904-4000
Fax (610) 904-4541

May 2015 Edition of Chasing Arrows Recycling Newsletter

May edition of Chasing ArrowsHighlights from this month’s issue:

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words – fire at the MRF

Anti-Contamination Campaign Links

Foam Aplenty

What Doesn’t Belong in the Recycling Truck?

The MRF Corner: What Does it Look Like?

The direct website link for May 2015:

Back issues:


Smithfield Summer Recreation Program Run by the Smithfield YMCA

Town of Smithfield Summer Recreation Program 2014 Run by the Smithfield YMCATown of Smithfield Summer Recreation Program

Run by the Smithfield YMCA


Download the full flyer & registration form here (.pdf)


NEW!  – The program is now 6 weeks!

New Payment Options include:

  • Full payments
  • Half payments
  • Weekly automatic debits (Breaks your payments into 6 equal & smaller weekly payments for the summer)

New Ages Eligible
Entering K – 6
New Lower Fee

Shauna Lewis at the YMCA
401.949.2480 ext. 102

LOCATION: Gallagher Middle School
TIME: 8:00 AM t0 3:00 PM
DATES: July 6- August 14
REGISTRATION: Begins 4/20 – 6/19
*Campers may register at the Smithfield YMCA or the Smithfield Ice Rink. Any registrant that is paying through the automatic weekly debit system MUST register at the Y!

Sports * Team Building * Arts & Crafts
Playground Time * Use of Deerfield Park
Special Events * Fun Weekly Themes
*Weekly Field Trips/Special Events are an additional fee each week costing between $10 – $20 per week.

Download the full flyer & registration form here (.pdf)

Has your mailbox been damaged by a Town snow plow?

Has your mailbox been damaged by a Town snow plow?

All reports of mailbox damage should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 401-233-1034 or e-mail at The department will dispatch a representative to verify any claims.

Update: Use the DPW’s new online form to report mailbox damage;

Mailboxes damaged by the Town, regardless of type, will be replaced with a standard rural mailbox compliant with US Postal Service (USPS) Standard 7, Mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside. Posts will be either 1-1/2” galvanized, painted black iron or pressure treated 4” x4” wood. Wherever possible, the existing mailbox, if undamaged, will be reused as will the existing post. Installation will be performed by Town employees.

Anyone who wishes to purchase their own replacement and install same shall be reimbursed by the Town for up to $25.00 with valid receipt(s).

Has your mailbox been damaged by a Town snow plow?
Photo courtesy of Earl Snell.

Talking Trash – 10 (Non) Wasteful Tips for this Winter

Smithfield Recycles

  1. Appreciate the power of the weather
    Some things are out of our control. When dangerous weather conditions cause interruptions in service, know that your town hauler is doing their best and will try to stay on schedule as much as possible. 
  2. Spread the Warmth
    Your collection workers are collecting even in ice cold circumstances. Make their job easier by sorting properly and placing carts in accessible areas away from obstructions. You could even surprise them with a hot chocolate or coffee to spread the warmth! 
  3. Stay Safe
    Driving large vehicles in freezing conditions can be dangerous. Make sure children and animals are away from the road when your collection is expected to be on your street. Ice can make it difficult to stop quickly if needed. Again, make sure your carts are properly placed, sorted and ready for pick up so your drivers don’t have increased difficulty making your pickup.
  4. Proper sorting is essential to timely collection – Know what is recyclable and how to recycle it! 
  5. Plastics: Recycle only plastic containers, up to 2 gallons in size, in your cart. Exceptions? No foam, plastic bags, motor oil or antifreeze bottles, “compostable” cups, containers that crinkle or rip (such as plant plug trays), or containers that shatter like glass (CD cases). Put plastic tops back on plastic containers before recycling. Do not flatten containers. Take clean, dry, somewhat see-through, somewhat stretchable plastic bags and film back to any large grocery, pharmacy or big-box store in Rhode Island for recycling. Remember, clingy food wrap is trash. 
  6. Glass: Recycle only glass bottles and jars in your cart — do not recycle glass that isn’t a bottle or jar. Take metal tops off first and recycle both. Exceptions? No broken glass or Pyrex.
  7. Metal: Recycle only metal cans, foils and lids/caps from glass jars and bottles in your cart — do not recycle metal that isn’t a can, foil or lid/cap. Exceptions? Coated yogurt lids and foil-like candy/chip wrappers are trash. For scrap metal recycling, you can make an appointment online at under the Town’s next metal collection.
  8. Paper/cardboard/cartons: Recycle only paper and flattened cardboard that isn’t made to be waterproof (fridge/freezer boxes, coffee cups) or for sanitary use (paper towels) in your cart. Exceptions? DO recycle cartons (milk, juice), but don’t flatten.
  9. Textiles: Never recycle textiles in your cart. If the textile is dry and odorless — including torn or stained items and non-apparel textiles such as sheets — drop it off in any clothing donation bin in the state. Exceptions? No carpeting, mattresses or dried hazardous-waste rags (such as motor oil).
  10. Always, remember: Containers must be empty and, when possible, rinsed. Paper and cardboard must be free of food and grease. 


Smithfield Town Council Meeting Videos Online

The Town of Smithfield is pleased to announce that Smithfield Town Council meeting videos will now be posted online.  The meetings will be posted on the Town’s Vimeo account at  Videos will also be linked to individual meeting dates on the meeting agendas page on the town website, For 2015, that page link is

Meeting videos will be posted online as soon as possible after the meeting ends, typically within a day or two.  Users can view the meetings directly online or choose to download them directly in a variety of formats suitable for different devices. 

It is expected that, as time allows, older meetings going back to 2012 (when the town started recording meetings digitally) will be posted, as will all future Town Council meetings.


Smithfield Town Council meeting videos


Give a Second Life to Those Unloved Items Taking Up Space

Ready for a clean out?



Please give to friends & family, and donate to those in need before sending it to the landfill!

Check out this partial list of venues that may be able to give a second life to those unloved items taking up space in your life:

Smithfield Recycling List of Donation Centers (.pdf)

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