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Talking Trash – September 2013

New Target Date for Automation Collection to Start:  Monday, October 7, 2013!!

All trash must be bagged before being placed in the green trash cart.  Place mixed recyclables loose in the green cart with the yellow lid. The lid to the cart must close tightly, and no material may be sticking out of the cart.  Place cart no more than three feet from the street and at least four feet from obstacles such as mailboxes and telephone poles.  Cart handles and wheels should be facing the house and arrows on the lid should face the street and the carts should be approximately three feet apart or one on each side of the driveway.

The new carts are much more durable than the current blue and green bins and are very stable; with the ability withstand winds up to 35-45 MPH when empty.  The lids are hinged and won’t blow away.  Residents will no longer have to deal with broken/shattered bins or them blowing down the street.

Both trash and recycling will be collected weekly, and on the same collection day as they are now.  Please make sure that your carts are out the night before or by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled day.  In order for your trash cart to be emptied it must be accompanied by the recycling cart.   

Speaking of recycling, currently the town has a recycling rate of 24.9%.  That rate is determined each month by the amount of recyclables that have been delivered to landfill compared to amount of trash in tons. The municipal tipping fee (for trash) charged by the resource recovery corporation is based on the percentage of recycling that is collected.  The more the town can recycle the lower that tipping fee (for trash) will be.  As always, there is no charge by Rhode Island Resources Recovery Corporation for delivering recyclables to their facility.  As always, thank you for reading and have a great month.

FYI:  Did you know that five plastic soda bottles yield enough fiber for one extra-large t-shirt, one square foot of carpet, or enough fiber fill for one ski jacket?  

Talking Trash – August 2013

Fully Automated Trash & RecyclingThe children are getting ready to go back to school and will be learning more about recycling.  Many items can be recycled from glass and plastic containers, shampoo and water bottles, jugs of milk, juice and detergent, jars such as mayo, peanut butter and jelly, tubs like butter, ice cream and margarine, plastic take out containers, iced coffee cups (no straws), yogurt containers, paper and cardboard, office paper, wrapping and tissue paper, gift bags and paperback books, metal cans and foil, and cartons just to name a few.  Let’s keep that trend going at home.  We are excited about the new trash and recycling carts and look forward to the ease of recycling all the acceptable items in the new carts.  We should all be able to notice the improvements in our own home by what we put out every week.  You should notice you have less trash and MORE recyclables out!! 

New Automation Collection Information

Even though many residents have a rolling cart at home, you cannot use that one. Only those carts provided by the Town will work with the automated system to lift the carts.  Carts other than those provided by the Town will not be collected once automated collection has begun. Each cart will have a serial number and barcode embedded in the plastic and assigned to individual addresses.  The lid to each cart will also have a white label where you can write your address. Do NOT write your name of the carts.  No other markings are permitted to be placed on the carts. 

Also, the town will be accepting the old trash cans and the green and blue recycling bins that you are currently using. Cleaned and emptied trash cans and recycling bins can be brought to the Department of Public Works, 3 Spragueville Road during normal business hours.  Dates and times for drop off will be posted this fall.  Old trash cans could be re-purposed for your lawn and yard waste.   Lawn and yard waste stickers to place on your old trash barrels will be available at the Department of Public Works and the Smithfield Town Hall.  Limit 4 per household.

If you plan on moving, remember that the carts are issued by the Town and are the property of the Town and must remain at the property/address to which they are assigned.  It is the responsibility of the new home owner to check and make sure both carts are on the premises prior to occupancy.  Landlords are responsible for ensuring carts are available for renters or occupants for each dwelling unit.  If you are moving, please inform the Recycling Coordinator of changes in occupancy by calling 401-233-1034 ext. 105 or email to  For a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers regarding this new program please visit the Town’s web page at  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a happy, healthy and safe month.

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